Lena Brass Armchair

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Lena Brass Armchair

Lena Brass Armchair


About Samanthong Brass

About Samanthong Brass

The Samanthong furniture craftsmen can be found in their workshop in Thailand creating the most beautiful pieces of furniture in both classic and contemporary designs. Thailand has been world known for generations for its superb bronze pieces. The craftsmen use bronze and brass to create truly stylish bases for chairs and tables which are then topped with superbly veined marble or beautiful wood. The result is an elegant and timeless piece of furniture that will blend seamlessly into your home or office space or can be used as a focus for an alcove or fireside.. The wood used is Teak wood Makha wood, and Burmese Pradauk wood (which is also known as Andaman Red Wood) and each piece is carefully chosen and cut to reveal its unique graining. The wood or marble complements the bronze to perfection, and the finished result is a strong, functional and very stylish piece of furniture that is authentic, natural and extremely comfortable. A piece of Massaya furniture is a wise investment as it is the perfect family heirloom. Eterne offers you an eclectic collection of unusual coffee tables, side tables and occasional tables that are refined and eye-catching. There are also particularly characterful pieces in the Eterne collection including the 'rakside' duo of tables and the 'mushroom' side table that is reminiscent of a cluster of young mushrooms growing skywards to greet the sun. There are also exquisite two seater sofas, chairs and stools with soft cushions in dusky tones that would complement the luxurious and relaxed feel of a bedroom. Samanthong furniture is extremely practical too and can be used both indoors and out – what better place to rest your glass as the sunsets than on a Samanthong table made with such skill and expertise...
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Southeast Asia




H 76 cm x W 65 cm x D 80 cm

H 29.9 in x W 25.6 in x D 31.5 in

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18000 grams

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18000 grams

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